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We proudly offer psychological testing delivered in-person or virtually to meet people where they are and help answer the questions they seek, regardless of mobility.

In-person offerings:

● Cognitive Testing

● Psychoeducational assessments Ages 4+

● Autism Evaluations Ages 4+

● ADHD Evaluations Ages 7+

Virtual offerings:

(North Carolina occupants only)

● Autism Evaluations Ages 10+

● ADHD Evaluations Ages 10+

Psych Evaluations

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Thanks for reaching out - you’ve accomplished one of the biggest (and sometimes hardest!) steps.

Therapy isn’t one size fits all, so you’ll come into a space that is tailored to your needs and experience. I like to use a mixed approach of family relationship dynamics, mindfulness and grounding practices, a little dab of somatic work, and a whole lot of person-centeredness.

Self-love is hard and is also one of the most rewarding spaces to move into; you are worthy just as you are.

Accepting new patients seeking help with body image, anxiety, depression, adjustment struggles, and disordered eating.

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PDA Parent Coaching

Megan is certified by the PDA Society of North America in PDA Training. As a mom of a PDA’er, she has a unique blend of professional knowledge and personal experience.

Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA for short, or alternatively thought of as Pervasive Drive for Autonomy) is a profile on the Autism Spectrum that often presents less stereotypically than traditional autism. A key difference is the fact that an individual may be more likely to “look

social,” using conversation skills and displaying a robust vocabulary. Often, though, these

people are social on the surface and struggle with social connectedness at their core. Often they have a long history of struggling to meet various demands, despite a desire to do so.

If you think you or someone you know may show signs of PDA, please use this link for more information or contact me for a free consultation. What is PDA? - PDA North America

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Rebekah Rickenbach

I am a Parent Coach specializing in parenting children with PDA. I will listen to your unique struggles, give insight into how your child might be experiencing life, and help you come up with practical parenting strategies. My goal is to help you find a plan that meets your child’s needs, sets them up for learning, reduces their stress, and meets your needs as well.

My son fits the PDA profile. My journey from parenting the way I was raised, to the way my son needs to be parented, has been filled with a lot of tears and research. In the process, I have helped many other parents find new ways to live life that work for both them and their children. I would love to help you as well.

Please get in touch with Megan to start the intake process.

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We accept Blue Cross Blue Shield for psychotherapy services and psychological evaluations. For out-of-network or self-pay psychological evaluations, a superbill can be provided for contribution to your annual deductible. HSA/FSA can also be used to cover expenses related to these services. Please contact your individual carrier for more information.